"Act well your part, there all the honour lies." -Alexander Pope

  • This year, the Drama and Choir aspects of Grosse Pointe North HS have decided that, for the convenience of both the school and those who are purchasing ads, to totally redo the original system of doing ads. Previous to now, the students have volunteered their time on multiple occasions through the year to go out and sell ads for the various shows. whether it be the Fall Play, Spring Musical, etc. Now, the companies that decide to purchase an ad have options as to whether they want one in each show or particular ones. If you or someone you know has a potential advertising situation, forms will be provided so that you may bring it to that particular business, have them commit to purchasing an ad in the programs, and both leave satisfied. The forms will be attached to the links in the right-hand column, and can be used any time throughout the year. With this new form of advertising, it gives the students less work to do and businesses more publicity!

  • Additionally , a new program is starting in the Drama Department at GPN where you can become part of the Producers Circle. Depending on how much money is donated to the Drama Department you can get as high as four reserved tickets for both the Fall And Spring shows, free of charge! If you wish to become part of the Producers Circle all you have to do is fill out the other form in the right had column and have your child turn it in at the next Drama Club meeting, which takes place every other Friday. If you're unsure which dates they are, just check out the frequently updated Calendar! The money earned from donation and fundraising both go directly back to the students, whether in the form of personal scholarships, workshops, the purchasing of play/musical titles, and other fun drama goodies! We hope to see a surplus of support for the Drama Club in the coming year! 

  • If you're a student and are having trouble getting the two forms, just open your Gmail school account and it just automatically transfer into the Google Drive and you can print it from there!